In 2014, 14 billion tons of goods were transported by road in Europe. Of these, approximately 4% (560 million tons) is estimated to have been lost or damaged during transportation – the equivalent of 373 million pallets of goods.

By 2050 it is estimated there will be an 80% increase in freight transportation compared to 2005. With the increase in freight transport distances and the sometimes difficult road conditions, load security is a major challenge for the supply chain and the freight industry, as cargo failures represent a major economic, safety and waste issue.

Benefits of Load Stability

Reduces accidents caused by
inadequate cargo securing.
Reduces product damage and
wastage during transportation, decreasing
economic impact of cargo failures.
Avoids product spillage and wastage
during transportation, reducing
environmental impact of cargo failures.

What is Dow Doing to Improve Load Stability?

Value Chain Collaboration

Dow is a member of EUMOS, an association of experts focused on cargo transport safety, including packing, storage, loading and cargo securing. Its goal is to stimulate the development of new know-how, standards and test methods related to cargo transport safety.

Dow also works with certified testing institutes to ensure its resins contribute to superior load stability. Pallets are tested to the limit and various external stresses are applied including vibration, acceleration, jolting, temperature and humidity, according to the relavent cargo safety regulations.

Advanced Load Stability Solutions

Dow’s portfolio of packaging resins and adhesives helps to achieve improved load stability, reducing the economic and safety impact of cargo failures and ensuring goods arrive safely at their final destination.

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