Improve profitability and your HS&E record through extended microbial control in a broad range of downhole environments

Through the registration of TRIS(HYDROXYMETHYL)NITROMETHANE (THNM) in Canada, oil and gas operators now have a new tool available for microbial control.

THNM has proven to provide extended downhole protection at high salinity, pH and temperature around the globe*. This new technology helps prevent biofouling, microbially influence corrosion (MIC), and souring, all of which have a positive impact on HS&E and the profitability of an oil and gas operation. How?

  • Reduced risk of H2S formation
  • Favorable environmental and ecotoxicity profile
  • Reduced cost for treatment of sour oil and gas
  • Reduced need for asset replacement and downtime caused by corroded assets

This product is brought to the market by Dow Microbial Control as AQUCAR™ TN 25 Water Treatment Microbiocide. We bring our technologies to oil and gas operators through a network of highly trained service companies. Are you interested in learning more about THNM? Please contact your account manager or fill out the form below for more information, including a technical data sheet.

Now Registered in Canada!
Protect the reservoir with THNM

To maximize microbial control efficacy, an optimized biocides program applies the right technologies in the different phases of the operation. See how THNM fits in:

Dow Microbial Control has the broadest portfolio of microbial control solutions and unmatched technical and application expertise.

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