A Tile Backer Board consists of a foam core coated on both sides with a substrate that supports good bonding with any kind of tile. The surface of a Tile Backer Board is even and smooth and consists of a material that is compatible with tile adhesives.
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Composite panel solutions with STYROFOAM™ and XENERGY™

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By choosing STYROFOAMTM and XENERGTM as a core material it is possible to satisfy those requirements.
Leading manufacturers benefit from the very high strength-to-weight ratio of composite panels with STYROFOAM™ in the production of caravans and motorhomes.
Lightweight composite panels, which can be used for doors, windows, roof panels and verandas (cladding), can be encased in a wide variety of materials depending on design preferences.
Pipes designed to transport liquids or gases for industry or energy supply need to be well-insulated.
To be cost efficient, refrigerated truck bodies must be insulated effectively and reliably whilst also being lightweight and built with highly durable materials to last for decades.
With camper vans and portable cabins, the long-term thermal performance of STYROFOAM™ insulation plays a significant role. Because of the rigidity of  STYROFOAM™ XPS it is possible to reduce the number and cross-section of wooden inserts used in floor panels whilst maintaining the required strength.
They also support rapid construction as well as opportunities to improve thermal efficiency of buildings, as long as appropriate materials are selected. Key to the insulation and mechanical performance of such panels is the core material - STYROFOAM™ from Dow has been sold into all four key applications of composite panels for decades thanks to its well-established properties and performance.
Efficient insulation of all relevant components supports maintenance of a constant temperature from generation through to use. Using pre-fabricated insulated pipe shells helps to reduce labor costs on site. STYROFOAM™ pipe shells are mainly used to insulate pipes for air conditioning systems, cold water systems, chemical plants and the food industry.

Thanks to the moisture resistance and high compressive strength of STYROFOAM™, such pipes can remain permanently in contact with soil without losing functionality.
Using a Tile Backer Board results in a faster installation and can also support a range of design solutions.
Decorative profiles in STYROFOAM™ facilitate rapid construction and offer great flexibility in the choice of the finishes. To be suitable for this application the core material must offer several performance properties which STYROFOAM™ extruded polystyrene foam possesses.
The use of lightweight decorative profiles has opened up a whole new perspective in architectural design within Europe - both in new buildings and in the renovation of existing ones.