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Composite panel solutions with STYROFOAM™ and XENERGY™
STYROFOAM™ At the core of composite components for more than 40 years

STYROFOAM™ was developed by Dow in the USA in the 1940s and has been used for more than 40 years as a sustainable core of composite components. Continuous progress in the production technology behind the famous blue extruded polystyrene foam has resulted in a broad range of products for a wide variety of applications, like refrigerated vehicles, pipe section insulation, motor caravans besides others.
XENERGY™ Next generation thermal insulation boards from the inventor of XPS

This practical long-term experience has provided Dow with well-founded technical and technological know-how; an important pre-requisite for the successful development of intelligent and innovative solutions for composite production. It is this wealth of expertise and the ability to innovate that enabled Dow to take a new step forward with the development of the high-class performance XENERGY™ Ultra insulation!
XENERGY™ Ultra insulation has been developed using a patent-granted technology: a manufacturing process which uses a zero-ODP blowing agent system and incorporated infra-red attenuator particles to scatter and reflect heat radiation within the foam board.

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STYROFOAM™ with grooved surface
XENERGY™ Ultra incorporates infra-red attenuator particles into the cell walls to scatter and reflect heat radiation
XENERGY™ with grooved surface